Hola amigo 🙂

I’m Niamh (pronnounced NEE-AV), but go by my maiden name of Kelly for ease. Born & raised in Cork, Ireland I adopted a great love of the land, horses, dogs & community. I graduated University with an honours degree in Social Science, with a plan to become a Counselor, but as life does best, it guides us through experiences that often end up looking very different from our hard thought out plans. I ended up working in a law firm in the real estate field & an offer from my boss to become a lawyer. A car accident with my fiancé on my 25th birthday changed my whole outlook on life & I got a taste for travel & volunteering & explored incredible parts of the world such as South America, Africa, Spain & colorful Colorado. While learning Spanish, I worked in hospitality (restaurants, ice-cream parlours & beach bars) until I thought I had found my calling when I discovered Air BnB & the means to be a property manager in sunny Spain, without the upheaval of building my own company. This felt like a light bulb moment, when I saw a potential career path open up.

I first discovered charming Crestone when my mother moved here from Ireland 20 odd years ago. To be totally honest, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, solely because it felt so remote in contrast to what I was used to. The move from the bustling city of Barcelona to the solitude of the San Luis Valley & Crestone took a little bit of an adjustment period. From my travels & varying career paths from Law to Human Resources, to managing a rooftop bar in Barcelona, if nothing else, I’m great at adapting & connecting with new people to find my tribe. I met & married my hubby (6 short weeks after meeting) and I started seeing everything in a new light. I began cleaning houses, dog walking & doing handy lady work for neighbours as I went through the Green Card process. Crestone grew on me more & more & got under my skin, with its unique charm. Now I’m awe struck by the natural beauty that greets me every morning & get lost star gazing from my balcony most nights.

I’ve always had a strong desire to help people, a deep connection with nature, a thirst for knowledge & learning new skills, so it felt serendipitous when the opportunity to combine these elements presented itself to me through Crestone Realty. Now I relish in the joy of helping people navigate the tumultuous roller coaster of moving & buying or selling their most precious assets. Moving can be so tough, so I try to make the process as full of ease and fun as I possibly can for my clients/friends. 
When I’m not working in the role of counselor/real estate professional, you can find me out hiking with my fur babies, Pepsi & Bella, horse riding with my sister and nieces, or soaking in a local hot springs. Man, I love where I live and what I do! What a wonderful thing 🙂


My Licensed Assistant, Emily Donaldson

Hi I’m Emily, Kelly’s assistant, land specialist, and organizer of chaos. I am the paperwork power behind her throne.

In 2015, I moved to Crestone from the Washington DC area, where I taught high school history. In typical Crestone fashion, I wear many hats. I am a bookkeeper, landlord, manager of a construction company, and a real estate broker. The common thread in all of those things, that makes me good at what I do, is that I am a meticulous organizer of money, people, and paperwork. I believe in doing things the right way, and I believe in taking care of people. 

My partner Trevor and I, who build houses together and own property here in Crestone, have spent many weekends exploring all the corners of the Baca in the process of buying our own rental properties and vacant land for our building projects. So I am especially familiar with investment properties and all aspects of new construction.

If you’re curious about the construction company, you can visit our website at https://buildcrestone.com

And do read my blog posts here if you’d like to learn more about my personal experiences living in Crestone. https://www.livecrestone.com/blog/


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